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CICA Mayoral Debate on KADY

When no one is watching…

Why are Seabridge and Westport residents upset about their Harbor Patrol Costs? The chart below illustrates the number of slips, miles patrolled and the taxes levied. With 17% of the slips in the harbor and 18% of the milers patrolled. Westport and Seabridge pay 44 % of the costs. Clearly we think it’s time for […]

Taxation without Representation, part...

Mello-Roos Part 2 – Taxation Without Representation Summary Part 1 of this series described that County and City governments are improperly using Mello-Roos funds to subsidize existing budgets. Part 2, which follows, describes how County of Ventura is using the Mello-Roos funds earmarked for Harbor Patrol to subsidize County responsibilities that existed prior to the […]

Good Morning Oxnard

CICA Interview In this interview Werner Keller talks about Channel Islands Harbor, the challenges and opportunities we face as a community. Thanks Good Morning Oxnard.

Taxation without Representation

In this article Robert Chatenever describe how Community Facilities Districts work, their intent and the reality of how they are sometimes used.  What is Mello-Roos ?In 1982, the state of California enacted the “Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982” which authorized local governments to create Community Facilities Districts (CFDs) for the purpose of selling tax-exempt […]

Time to Return Channel Islands Harbor...

Last November 10, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors unanimously cleared the way for the redevelopment of Fisherman’s Wharf by approving a developer’s lease option.  In their view, this vote finally “solved” the problem of this critical gateway property at the entrance of Channel Islands Harbor by simply blanketing it with a few hundred apartments. […]